Instruction For Authors

▪ All authors should be members of KOSOMES. Submission of manuscript should be made via e-mail(kosomes@ Original source files(HWP files) are required for submission.
Captions of tables, figures and photos should be written in English. The additional cost of color photographs must be paid by the author. All references cited in the text should be listed at the end of the text, and arranged in alphabetical order according to the surname of the first author.
The following is an example of the recommended style for References.


➀ Text Citations :
Sparrow(1980a), Sparrow(1980b), Abbott et al.(2000), (Kim, 2013), (Choi and Lee, 1977), (Park et al., 1998), (Lee, 2011; 2012)
➁ Reference list :
[1] Andrae, J., D. Johansson, P. Bjornbom, P. Risberg and G. Kalghatgi(2005), CO-oxidation in the Autoignition of Primary Reference Fuels and N-heptane /Toluene Blends, Combustion and Flame, Vol. 140, No. 4, pp. 267-286.
[2] Becker G. S.(1987), Crime and Punishment - An Economic Approach, Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 76, No. 1, pp. 169-217.

▪ Manuscripts should be prepared in an A4 (210×297 mm) page format, using HWP 2007 or advanced versions.
(a) Editorial format : ➀ Paper fomat : A4(210×297 mm), ➁ Paper direction : portrait ➂ Margin : top 27 mm, bottom 23 mm, left 17 mm, right 17 mm,
header 11 mm, footer 11 mm, bookbinding 0 mm

(b) Font : ➀ Manuscript body font : Time New Roman ➁ Font size : 9 pt, ➂ Font stretch : 100 %, ➃ Letter spacing : Korean 0 %, English -6 %

(c) Paragraph form : Text indent : 10 pt, Line spacing 160 %, Text align : Justify (Title 16 pt, Chapter heading 11 pt Bold, Strapline 9 pt)

(d) Multistage division : Number of Multistage 1, Multistage spacing 5 mm(But, Title, Name, Key Words, Abstract is one Multistage)

▪ Submission charge and Publication charge

▪ If you want to know how to subscribe this journal, please call to the office. The subscription price of this journal is Korean Won, ₩40,000 annually.

▪ Peer review process
➀ Submission of manuscript
➁ Preliminary review(Subcommittee Chairman)
➂ 1st review(1 Responsible editor, 3 peer reviewers)
➃ 2nd review(in case of re-review)
➄ Accepted for publication(Editor-in-Chief)

▪ Forms of publication include orignal research papers, technical information & data reports and introduction of products regarding all aspects of marine environment, maritime safety, marine eduction & policy, and naval architecture and ocean engineering.
➀ Orignal research papers : This form of publication represents original research articles.
➁ Technical information & data reports : Description of technical information and data should be unique and should preferably be a first time report.
➂ Introduction of products : This form of publication introduces new or novel products in the field of marine or maritime industries.

▪ Authorship and Ethical Issues
For the policies on the research and publication ethics not stated in this instructions, International standards for editors and authors ( can be applied. 1).

▪ Editorial and Publishing Office
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