Editorial Board


Young-Soo Park(Korea Maritime and Ocean University)

Associate Editors

Moon-Suk LEE (Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology)

Editorial Committee

Jun Kang (Korea Maritime and Ocean University)

Tae-Soon Kang (GeoSystem Research, Corp.)

Seok-Nam Kwak (Environ-Ecological Engineering Institute Co., Ltd.)

Hye-Yun Ku (Korea Environment Institute)

Chul-Hui Kwoun (Land Ocean Environment Co., Ltd.)

Sung-Kuk Kim (Sungkyunkwan University)

Seong-Jong Kim (Mokpo National Maritime University)

Young-Du Kim (Korea Maritime Transportation Safety Authority)

Won-Ouk Kim (Korea Institute of Maritime and Fisheries Technology)

Jong-Su Kim (Korea Maritime and Ocean University)

Tae-Goun Kim (Korea Maritime and Ocean University)

Hyun-Deok Kim (Sunchon National University)

Hong-Tae Kim (Korea Research Institute of Ships & Ocean Engineering)

Kong-Tae Ra (Korea Institue of Ocean Science & Technology)

Taek-Kun Nam(Mokpo National Maritime University)

Jee-Hun Song (Chonnam National University)

Dae-Kyun Oh (Mokpo National Maritime University)

Seok-Jin Oh (Pukyong National University)

Seung-Hoon Yoo (Seoul National University of Science & Technology)

Sung-Soon Yoon (Korea Maritime Institute)

Ik-Hyun Youn (Mokpo National Maritime University)

Han-Sam Yoon (Pukyong National University)

Dong-Kun Lee (Mokpo National Maritime University)

Byung-Gul Lee (Jeju National University)

Sang-Min Lee (Kunsan National University)

Seung-Jun Lee (Kunsan National University)

In-Cheol Lee (Pukyong National University)

Chang-Youl Lee (Korea Institue of Ocean Science & Technology)

Chang-Hyun Lee (Mokpo National Maritime University)

Chung-Il Lee (Gangneung-Wonju National University)

Jeong-Bin Yim (Korea Maritime and Ocean University)

Chae-Hyun Lim (Mokpo National Maritime University)

Soo-Kyung Jeon (National Forensic service)

Hae-Dong Jeon (Korea Maritime and Ocean University)

Kwang-Young Jeong (Korea Hydrographic and Oceanographic Agency)

Jung Sik Jeong (Mokpo National Maritime University)

Chang-Hyun Jung (Mokpo National Maritime University)

Ik-Soon Cho(Korea Maritime and Ocean University)

Cho-Young Jung (Kunsan National University)

Ik-Soon Cho (Korea Maritime and Ocean University)

Jae-Youll Jin (Korea Institue of Ocean Science & Technology)

Young-Jin Choi (GeoSystem Research, Corp.)

Jae-Hyuk Choi (Korea Maritime and Ocean University)

Jung-Sik Choi (Mokpo National Maritime University)

Min-Jae Ha (Korea Maritime and Ocean University)

Manuscript Editors

Young-Soo Park(Korea Maritime and Ocean University)

The Journal of the Korean Society of Marine Environment & Safety is the official publication of the Korean Society of Marine Environment & Safety. Abbreviated title i s 'Korean Soc. Mar. Environ. Saf.'. The first volumes of the journal were issued in 1995 as the journal of the Society of Maritime Safety. The name was changed in 1999 (Volume 5 Number 2). The journal includes research papers, technical data and report, t echnical information, and introduction of products in all aspects of marine environment, maritime safety, marine education·policy, and naval architecture and ocean engineering. The journal is issued bimonthly, and papers in Korean or English are accepted. Supplemental issues are published occasionally.